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Aries Trade allows users to execute Spot Margin Trading.
Spot Margin Trading is relatively similar to Spot Trading, but allows the use of borrowed funds to capitalize on the future movements of an underlying asset. Margin accounts on Aries Lend allow users to borrow from its shared liquidity pool.
Aries Trade, offers Cross-Collateralization. Users can trade with margin via a single unified margin account with a variety of assets deposited.

Central Limit Order Book Order placement

Aries Trade is powered by a decentralized order book, where users can execute both market and limit orders.
To place an order, users can first select your preferred trading pair. Users can switch among different trading markets on the top left corner.
Trading Pairs
  • Decide if you want to Buy or Sell an asset.
  • Select the type of order you would like to place:
    • Market orders: buy or sell an asset at the market's current best available price.
    • Limit orders: buy or sell an asset at a set price. If the price action of an asset in the order book reaches that price (or better), the order will be filled.
Market Order
Limit Order
  • Input the Price and Amount in the order placement form, and click “Buy” or “Sell”.
  • The order placed can be viewed below under the “Order” tab. Unfilled orders can be cancelled by clicking the “Cancel” button on the right of each order.
  • When an order is filled, you can withdraw the asset to your deposits by clicking on the green popped window and approve the transaction in your wallet. Your past filled order will be displayed in the ”Recent Trade” section on the bottom right.
Filled Order