Lending & Deposit

After setting up your account, you will be directed to our main page where you can deposit assets and earn yield.

Next, click on the β€œLending” column at the top of the page to view the lending markets available. By clicking the asset information page, you will be able to perform four key actions:

  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Borrow

  • Repay

In order to interact with Aries Markets, you will need to deposit your preferred asset and amount first.

  • Select the asset that you will want to deposit on our platform

  • Click on ”Deposit” and input the amount that you would like to deposit using number input, half/max or the slider

  • Click on ”Confirm” and approve the transaction on the pop-up wallet

You can also click on β€œMore Info” below to view further information about the lending pool such as Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios, Liquidation thresholds and Pool limits.

Check out Protocol Parameters to understand these terminologies better.

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