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Getting Started

Start your all-in-one DeFi experience at Aries Markets from right here :)

Get your first Aptos token

For those who haven’t interacted with the Aptos ecosystem before, it’s necessary to have some Aptos tokens in your wallet before starting your DeFi journey in Move community.
Below are some tips for you to get your first Aptos tokens.

Aptos Foundation faucet

The Aptos Foundation offers a free, one-time faucet deposit of a small amount of APT tokens. Simply sign in with your Google or Discord account and connect your wallet, and you will be able to access the faucet and receive 0.025 APT gas to get started on the network.
Remember to switch your wallet to mainnet before connecting
Aptos Foundation Faucet

Withdraw from centralized exchanges

You can also buy APT from centralized exchanges and withdraw it to your on-chain wallet. Mainstream CEXes like Binance, FTX, OKX and Huobi all support Aptos token withdrawal now.
Withdraw APT to Aptos chain
Withdraw APT to Aptos chain
You can also bridge Aptos using the LquidSwap Bridge of LayerZero/Pontem or the Portal Bridge of Wormhole.
If you have yet set up a wallet on Aptos, you can download one from Martian, Petra, Fewcha, Rise, Pontem and etc.
With your ‘start-up’ fund equipped, you should be ready to interact with Aries Markets.

Connecting your wallet

Head over to to access our APP.
To interact with Aries Markets, you will need an Aptos-compatible wallet.
Click the ”Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner of the screen and select your preferred wallet.
Wallet Supported
You can switch between Aries Mainnet and Devnet using the button on the top right corner. Remember to switch your wallet to the corresponding one before connecting.

Initializing an account

Once your wallet is connected, you will be ready to create your Aries account.
Simply click on the “No Account” button on the top right corner of the page to create your main account. Click on “Initialize Account” and approve the transaction.
Initialize Account
Creating a new account will need some gas just like any other operations related to the Aptos blockchain.
Aries Faucet (For Devnet Only)
Your first initialized account will be your Main Account by default.
You can click on the “Faucet” button to retrieve airdrops for Aries Markets Devnet.
For Aries Mainnet, you will need to obtain APT and other tokens from exchanges first.

Account management

Aries Markets also enables sub-account management to help you isolate risk among different trading portfolios.
You can create arbitrary accounts by simply clicking on the ”Add Account” button, the name of the current account you are using will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.
Account Management
Each of these accounts is isolated, you can switch seamlessly to apply different forms of trading strategies. Once a new sub-account is created, the profile name will be unchangeable; make sure to think twice before inputting the name.
Please note that you cannot transfer your assets among different accounts.