How it works

Aries Markets allows swapping for any Aptos assets and many more through HippoLabs trade aggregator.

This swap checks price and routes among various Automated Market Maker (AMM) behind the scene to ensure users automatically trade with the best rates in the Aptos ecosystem.

Check Hippo documentation to further understand the mechanism of Smart Routine.

Aries Swap enables you to swap across assets that are listed.

Please note that liquidity for each pair varies, and one should always account for slippage and price impact.

Leverage Swap

The Aries Swap product is built upon our Aries Lend, which means users can utilize Aries Swap to swap assets they not yet hold and gain leveraged exposure on assets. The funds that are deposited into Aries can also be used to swap and trade on various AMM markets.

By toggling on ”Allow Borrowing”, you will be able to borrow any token from Aries Lend pools directly and gain additional long exposure to trade.

Below are some examples:

For simple cases such as USDC → some other coins, such as SOL/BTC :

You can check out the LTV of each supported asset from Assets supported.

In the Example 4, the maximum leverage is 1 / (1 - 80%) = 5x leverage.

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