Why canโ€™t I find the swapped assets from my accounts?

Please refresh your page to review the latest balance in your account. If the balances are not updated, the swap could have failed. This could have been due to reasons such as there being insufficient liquidity for your desired asset.

How can I make a leveraged swap?

Ensure theโ€œallow borrowingโ€ button is toggled. Simply choose the asset pair you would like to swap. If you do not have the deposits required for the trade and have enough borrowing power, the funds will be automatically borrowed backstage. If an asset is borrowed, it is a leveraged position.

How can I calculate the leverage applied in swapping?

In most common cases, the maximum leverage you are able to place is 1 / (1 - LTV_target_coin).

Why does the exchange rate change dramatically when I reverse the swap pair?

Liquidity is based on on-chain liquidity and trading volume, this may happen when thereโ€™s not enough liquidity for one asset.

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